overenthusiasticallyfangirling asked:

Percabeth time travel?

percyjackfruit answered:

"The whole of the universe," says the Doctor, "and you choose to visit your mother before you were even born." She sits next to Percy, her blonde, curly hair brushing his side. "Any reason why?"

He has a brief moment of fear that her shoes will fall off into the abyss below them, then realizes she’s got more practice in this than he does.

He trusts her on this.

"I never knew my father," he says quietly, "and I - I guess I just want to see them together. Happy, you know?"

The Doctor rests her head on Percy’s shoulder. It feels right, somehow.

"I understand that," she says quietly, "I always wanted to visit my family."

"You can’t?" Percy asks.

She lifts her head, those grey eyes, old and wise and heartbroken, stare into his. “I told you,” she says quietly, “I killed all of them.”