Percabeth shipper logic

  • Percy: This girl Rachel saved my life by diverting monsters at the hoover dam.
  • Annabeth: Was she pretty?
  • Percy: Well-
  • Annabeth: I hate her.
  • Percy: But she can see through the mist
  • Annabeth: So what
  • Percy: So we need a mortal who can see through the mist to navigate the labyrinth
  • Annabeth: She's not coming
  • Percy: But you have no idea how to get through the labyrinth, we'll go mad before we've even found a McDonalds. We need to bring Rachel along.
  • Annabeth: Don't care, I hate her
  • Percy: Why
  • Annabeth: I can't say
  • Percy: Okay, what do you want to do?
  • Annabeth: I want to talk about how awesome my ex boyfriend Luke is
  • Percy: But he's like, actually Kronos, like he's an actual titan trying to kill us all
  • Annabeth: But I knew him before that and he's so damn handsome.
  • Percy: Yeah, he looked it when he was trying to kill all of the demigods.
  • Annabeth: What a dreamboat.
  • Percy: Anyway Rachel just arrived to tell us some very important prophecy stuff
  • Annabeth: Well she can get lost can't she.
  • Percy: She just accepted to go to a finishing school which for someone of her personality is a fate worse than death to be allowed to deliver this message
  • Annabeth: We don't need her help because I have this irrational dislike for her
  • Percy: She just literally landed a helicopter with no experience to do it
  • Annabeth: I could do that in my sleep
  • Percy: She's taken on the spirit of the Oracle, something nobody could o for years, which means in the line of duty we can still hang out and be friends but she can't be romantically interested in me
  • Annabeth: Oh, I like her now
  • Me: ...
  • Percabeth shippers: WOW RACHEL IS SUCH A BITCH


i really want percy to succumb to his fatal flaw in blood of olympus. like, he puts his friends safety (and possibly saving their life), above the quest and stopping gaea, and then everything goes pear-shaped.

and then of course percy turn dark/goes evil all while thinking he’s protecting his friends

but he’s been in the world saving business since he was 12, he’s due for a MAJOR fuck up any time soon.